Monday, October 25, 2010


Okay Burdines, here is the official post. For those who are not Burdines here's the story behind the pics. We decided at our last Burdine family reunion this past June to mix things up and not do a Christmas exchange because it is such a busy time of year and non of us really NEED anything. Instead we decided to do a Burdine/ Grammie Day on September 13th each year in memory of my grandmother (9/13 was her birthday). It's a special time of year for all of us and now we can remember each other in some fun way on her birthday.

So we all were given someone's name and my cousin Fredrick got Ben's name. Little did we know several family members had some input as to what to give Ben for Grammie Day. His arrived a little late but this past week Ben got his first of a year's subscription to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Or as Ben and his family call it "People who Eat Tasty Animals."

I didn't tell Ben what was coming in the mail but hearing through the grapevine I decided to have a little fun too. You see I had Fredrick's name. What did I send him you ask? Being a devoted democrat I did what any devoted republican would do, I sent him a 2011 Sarah Palin calendar WITH all of our extended family members birthdays written in it in sharpy so as to prevent regifting such a treasure. He'll be the most on top one of us all now with all our b-days lined out. We are all expecting emails or phone calls on our birthday now Fredrick. :) I love my family!!

P.S. If you're looking for some good vegan recipes PETA may just be the journal for you! Don't think we'll be making any seeing that we've got a freezer full of moose and salmon.


Joani said...

Ah a blog post! And such a fun one at that!

cathy said...

That is tooo funny. Miss you guys a bunch!!
We ate a yummy pig tenderloin the other night thanks to the hunter!

Kari Smith said...

This is awesome! I LOVE the Burdines!!