Friday, January 08, 2010

Ryan & Laura

Wednesday night some friends of mine from Columbia International University (CIU) came over for dinner. Ryan and I started at CIU the same semester, fall 2007 and he had just started dating Laura (long distance) at that point. Now they have been married a year and a half and are making plans to head to Indonesia in April 2011 with New Tribes. They are going with a team to work in MK schools as well as with the natives.

Ryan is originally from So Cal so this is his home turf. They are back for the holidays visiting relatives and friends as well as fund raising. It was great to see them again and introduce Ben. It's crazy to think of how much has change in 2 years! What a blessing and small world that paths cross over and over. We hope and pray the best for you Ryan and Laura as you continue to prepare for Indonesia.


Rachel said...

YAY for them! You'll have to tell them that I know they will LOVE Indonesia and the people! Do they know Kellers?

ace said...

I didn't think to ask them about the Kellers. Wouldn't that be cool? I thought about you while they were sharing their info, how you grew up in some of the areas they talked about.