Monday, January 04, 2010

Making Memories

I was met by Santa in the driveway when I got to Spokane, Ben's dad dresses up every year as Santa . . . he fits the bill so well people all over hire him to come to their homes, orphanages etc. for kids

Santa & Payton (Tina's grandaughter)

Mike gave Ben one of his bows for Christmas, Ben can't wait to use it in AK

Our first Christmas together :)

The Mosier kids at Bob and Tina's house Christmas morning

Aunt Lori, Aunt Wendy, Dorothy (Ben's mom), and Grandma Laura

Family at grandma's apartment on Christmas day

Ben and I got to spend two weeks together with his family in Spokane, WA. Our time was filled with family and friends and many memories. Ben left a week before me (his semester ended and hunting season was still open:) and enjoyed some guy time with his dad and brother out at his cabin. His brother and a friend both got deer but Ben did not much to his chagrin. He had a great time though just hanging out and bonding.

I got in the evening of a big Christmas party (friends and family) at his dad's house. We spent most of our first week with his dad and Tina and then most of the second week with his mom and Tim. I got to meet all of Tina and Tim's adult children and grandchildren this trip which was a blessing. They are a lot of fun! We had many late night game nights together.

We also got to visit some friends one in particular Clide an older gentleman Ben used to work for that is in his 80s and is dying of stomach cancer. We were blessed to visit and pray with him as it may be the last time Ben will see him. Clide is anxious to go home and meet the Lord.

Ben's mom suffered a rare and rather random injuring two days before I got there. She tore a muscle attached to her Achilles heal while bowling and had to get around with a big detachable cast while we were there. We loved our time with her and enjoyed laying low watching movies, playing games (yes we are a game playing kind of couple) and eating lots of holiday sweets.

Another highlight for me was an afternoon out shooting clay pigeons and targets with Ben, his brother Mike, sister Karly, neice Charli, and dad.


Joani said...

Hey, is that the jacket I think it is in the first pic?

ace said...

Yep! That's the one! Good eye friend. :)