Sunday, September 20, 2009


fish and chips anyone?

Teagen and Ben . . . notice the big flock of gulls and pelicans behind, the boys had fun chasing them shortly after this was taken, it was a mass exodus

Yesterday Ben and I connected with a long time friend of mine from Wasilla, AK . . . Teagen Kroon. I've known Teag for years as family friends and through ministry at Wasilla Bible Church. He's living in southern LA now b/c he got the lead role in a major upcoming Broadway production!

He is super pumped about it and we are excited for him too! It was awesome to reconnect and hear first hand how all of this has played out. We got caught up over lunch at a fish and chips place in Santa Monica then we swung over to the beach for a little ocean time.

He'll be in LA the next two years preparing for the show and then performing. The show opens in LA December of 2010 so we're bummed it wasn't one year earlier while we are here but we may have to swing through sometime next year. We'll see! Best of luck to you Teag!


Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

What production is he in?

I really liked Santa Monica. I think I need to find time to go be a tourist in SoCal again.

...might wait a few more pay periods though.

ace said...

Spiderman, should be interesting to see a flying, flipping singer!