Sunday, September 13, 2009

Alaska bound!

Once the school year started our schedules have gotten busy as usual with a new year and my blogging has gotten a bit back logged. Soooo, the post is long overdue but better late than later. :)

I think it's been a month ago now, Ben got a phone call from Jim Leach the chairman of Faith Bible Fellowships elder board asking us to consider coming on full time next summer as the youth/associate pastor. Both of us have talked at length about how we would LOVE to end up back in Alaska or the Rocky Mt. area somewhere. Alaska was our number one desire and hope but we weren't sure with timing, opporunity and the economy what would open up where.

As you can imagine we were blown away by the call being that it's still almost a year out, but elated that FBF would ask us to come on board the ministry there. After talking with each other and praying more of a, "Thank you Lord for this dream job for us." than a "Do we take this job?" prayer Ben called Jim back and accepted the position.

SO, we will be moving back to Alaska permanently next June/July! We are thrilled to be heading back to Alaska where we can serve in full time ministry in an area we LOVE! I can't WAIT to hike, smell FRESH air again, blueberry pick, grow a garden (eventually), and yes learn to hunt with friends and family all over the Valley.

The timing of this job is also a huge blessing for Ben (and me) because it takes pressure off him having to candidate in the spring and wondering if and where jobs will open. It's ideal for me as well b/c I can work for the Mat-Su Borough School District again and transfer in my years here in CA. Thank you Lord for your continued provision!

We can't wait to get back to Alaska!

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Woo Hoo! :-) :-)