Tuesday, January 06, 2009


The past three weeks have been a whirlwind but exciting and relaxing too. After getting in to CA December 15th and flying to AK the 17th I came down with the flu for three days. A tough way to start a vacation but also a good way to force me to REST, something I had been lacking the past month. After I got back on my feet Ben got bronchitis and was down a couple days before getting antibiotics. After our sweep of illnesses we enjoyed time with friends in Alaska going to Wasilla Bible and Faith Bible.

In true Anita fashion we also packed in breakfasts, lunches, brunches, dinners, game nights and coffee dates with various friends of mine and Ben's. Alaska is now a whole new playing field with Ben having connections and extended family in the area. We have to divide our time, although Ben will agree that I got to take most of the time for my family and friends being that it is my home stomping grounds. Sharing time and people takes some getting used to at 30. :)

After 10 days in Alaska we flew to Spokane, WA to spend 5 days with Ben's family. I got to meet his mom and stepdad Tim, his dad and his fiance Tina, his brother Mike, sister Karley and one of his grandmothers. They are all great people. It was a really relaxing time. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know his family a little and look forward to getting to know them better in the future. Ben's schedule was much more relaxed than my AK schedule. We slept in almost every day, AMAZING, and enjoyed the record snow fall, almost 6' in 3 weeks! Ben and his dad shoveled nearly every morning. Washington had more snow, by far than Alaska . . . go figure! Ben's relaxed nature is really good for a "doer" go getter like me! I need to SLOW DOWN once and awhile.

This past Saturday we flew back to CA and crashed! I had two job interviews yesterday (Monday) with two different school districts in the area. Both went well and BOTH called me back TODAY offering me a position. I chose the one that will be full time with full benefits. The even cooler part? They accept 5 years experience from another state. I have exactly 5 years from my last job in AK so I can bring in all 5 and move up on the pay scale, yahoo! Alaska only accepts 2 years experience. It has been VERY encouraging to see God provide in all this . . . a great man in my life, safe travel 2,700 miles across the country in December, sweet fellowship with friends and family in AK and WA and now a great job that I will be starting TOMORROW! Thank you Lord for your provision in the little and big things! He is good!

I will download more pics later, my computer jammed up and isn't letting me download right now. Stay tuned! For those who have been faithfully praying for my job situation, THANK YOU! Your prayers were answered above and beyond and in a timely manner!

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Kari Smith said...

You got a job!!!! Praises! We need to catch up soon! It has been way too long my friend!