Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fun with Guns

one of may ways to use your back seat

my first couple shots

our targets



Ben shooting a kiddy gun

Our faithful sweet action 1973 jeep

Red neck?? Perhaps. Our unattached back seat became multi-purpose

having a little afternoon snack while lounging in the sun

the 3 lb. pine cones we found, we talked about bring a truck load back next time to market at craft stores, a little gold or silver spray paint and a price tag of $10 we'd be in business, or we could keep them "natural" brown and sell them by the pound, hmmm . . .

Me and Amy getting squished in the back seat, the jeep we borrowed is a 1973 and the back seat isn't bolted in . . . makes for an interesting ride on a bumpy trail up and down steep mountain roads!

This past Saturday Ben, Bart, Amy (friends of Ben's), and I went up in the mountains about an hour out on a one lane dirt road to go shooting. Ben has been ACHING to taking me shooting and I have been anxious to have an opportunity to go so we made a day of it. Bart is one of Ben's seminary buds and his wife Amy and I get along really well. We shot EVERYTHING in the realm of guns, hand guns, shot guns, and rifles. I'd spout out all the names and numbers like a 3006 but I don't remember. I just remember that I like rifles better than shot guns, less kick and short barrels better than long, no brainer my arms are short.

We set up a homemade jungle and went to town. The guys let us go first and then they had fun shooting some still but some moving targets like 3 lb. pinecones. No joke the pine tree patch that we drove to had 3 lb. pine cones. The sharp, heavy if they hit you on the head you would have a serious head injury kind of pine cone. I have never seen anything like it before! The homemade jungle you ask? Animal kingdom paper plates from Wallmart, you can specify eye, ear, nose, etc. when you shoot. It was a GREAT way to wrap up our winter break. I started work full force this week and Ben started seminary again. We are back to "real life" now.

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