Thursday, October 09, 2008

job hunting in CA...

For those that are praying for me I have a request to pass on. As ya'll know from my CA post a month ago I am moving to So Cal in January to live near Ben. While I am there my hope is to work as a speech path full time or close to it so I can save money (or realistically have money to live on), have TIME with BEN, and finish one last class distance ed for my certificate here at CIU. A little tangent on that, I am finishing my time here at CIU in December but there is one required class that is not offered until next semester that I need to complete for the certificate. So I will be taking that one class, Systematic Theology II, distance ed. in January.

I've been corresponding with Becca Martin (Chuck and Becca M. our friends previously from Wasilla) who works in one of the school districts in northern LA where I hope to live. I sifted through a bunch of information yesterday after work and found a possible job that could be a perfect fit. This particular district is looking for a .6 or .8 speech path for a maternity leave from mid January to mid June! The time factor would be perfect b/c it would allow some extra time to complete my class during the week and have evenings and weekends off to spend time with Ben. I am filling in right now for a 12 week maternity leave in SC and it is a perfect fit with my classes.

Please pray with me in regard to finding a good job in CA from January to May/June. Pray that this particular job will open up if it is a good fit and that all my paperwork will go through. The woman I spoke with today said I should be able to fill in for a maternity leave no problem but if I stay longer I will need to take classes and go through CA certification process which, from what I have heard is pretty extensive. I will be sure to keep you posted as I find more out! Thank you for praying with me!


Anonymous said...

Hey cuz, Craig's mom is the head nurse for LA Unified. Drop me your resume at msjlhultgren at yahoo dot com and I'll pass it on to her.

She doesn't check her email all that often, but probably will before her birthday at the end of the month.


Matthew said...

You're coming here!?!? Anita that's so exciting! I knew you probably would but I'm so happy it's going to be soon. :) Yay! I'll be praying for your job and can't wait to hear what happens. Let me know if you need help finding a place to live. I might have a few connections (unless you've already got that settled). Yay! So exciting.