Tuesday, October 14, 2008

headin' coast to coast...

Joanna and I had our first coast to coast brainstorm this morning over breakfast at IHOP. Joanna is a close friend here at CIU that will be making the road trip of the year with me in December from that South Carolina to California. Our semester wraps up December 11th and we're planning on heading out the evening of the 12th. The rough draft plan you ask?? Read the following and feel free to comment on any tips or quick stops on the way (close to the interstate) that we might want to check out or eat at.

Friday 12th: Drive from Charleston, SC (starting officially at the Atlantic Ocean) to Atlanta, GA

Saturday 13th: Drive from Atlanta, GA to Dallas, TX

Sunday 14th: Drive from Dallas, TX to Albuquerque, NM

Monday 15th: Drive from Albuquerque, NM to the Grand Canyon??? (possible reprieve, breaks the last two days into 6-8 hour days instead of the normal 12-13 hrs we'll be pulling)

Tuesday 16th: Drive from Grand Canyon to Los Angeles, CA (Final destination Pacific Ocean, Joanna gets to see her brother and I get to see BEN!!)

Wednesday 17th: Ben and I fly from LA to Anchorage, AK

Thursday 18th: My dad's 59th birthday and SLEEP!!

Seriously if anyone reading this has any tips on travel, time, especially the Grand Canyon side trip (short scenic side trip) let us know! We have friends to stay with at all the other places. The rough layout of the road system so far in our plan is basically: I-20, HWY- 78, I-40.


hashbrowns said...

my parents are along the gulf coast of Mississippi~ just in case you need them over there. They are in Gautier... near Ocean Springs. Let me know if they are along your path and you could use their number.

something else... you could visit the roadside america website... it has all the quirky things to visit along the interstates and highways in america.

Marie VW said...

Do you know Heather Watson? She lives over in the Grand Canyon area and judging from the pictures I've seen... a very cute place. I love road trips!!!

Anonymous said...

Have your car tuned before you go, and take your time to do it. I wish I taken more time and made more stops to see things as I went the other way.

cuzin jen

ace said...

Thanks for the tip Jen. I'm planning on doing that (tune up) this month. It's going to be a pretty rushed trip but we'll make a few good stops on the way . . . our legs will NEED it!