Wednesday, January 16, 2008

time back home...

Caiti made the baby shower was AMAZING GOOD!! She does cakes for weddings too!

All the girls showing off our pregnant bellies!

I was back home for 3 ½ weeks and loved having that time with family and friends. One of my highlights was a night at a hotel with one of my long time best friends Sarah Brown. The night out was a gift from my parents to me. Mom watched Charlotte and Liam during the day while Ashley worked so Sarah could have free time out with me.

Funny thing…we had a huge suite all to ourselves, hot tub, the works and we ended up sitting on the couch talking the ENTIRE night! Go figure, we’re girls. We did stop at one point to go eat dinner. It was SO good to catch up and pray together again. Thanks for giving me your time Sarah! I wish you guys still lived in NC!! Who knows, maybe I’ll end up back in AK when this is all said and done.

Another highlight was a reunion youth girl night out at Amanda Bacon’s house. All my “youth” (no longer) girls were back from their first semesters of college so we had an overnighter to catch up AND have a surprise baby shower for Amanda who is expecting her 4th next month! We all showed up to her house with pillows in our shirts to sympathize, in a very artificial way, with Amanda. Our babies didn’t kick and turn in crazy and uncomfortable ways. Blessings on the rest of your pregnancy Amanda! I hope the midwifery is a GREAT experience! I am excited for you guys to be having another GRIL!

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Caiti said...

I do wedding cakes too? Thats news to me :) Thanks for that though!