Saturday, November 24, 2007


the girls! My aunt and uncle took us all out to the symphony Saturday.

A possible family Christmas card pose? John, Tammie, Brittany and Alex

the cousins...Allison, me, Alex, Brittany and Beth...out for a little Chickfilet!

Hitting the malls for the started at 12 a.m. Thanksgiving night! Shoppers are more anxious than ever to get on with Christmas these days! We started at midnight and were done by 4:00 a.m. and headed home for an early breakfast of bisq. and gravy with a round of the bean game!

Beth being creative with the table centerpiece

Allison and Brittany

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I spent Thanksgiving this year in Charlotte, NC at John and Tammi's house (aunt and uncle) and 4 of my cousins. Allison and Beth drove down from DC so it ended up being a mini Burdine reunion. We have had a BLAST together! I am thankful for this year of changes and new adventures and have enjoyed every minute with my family this break.

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