Thursday, November 15, 2007

China update

I don't have internet at my house (on campus go figure), so my blog updates are pretty sporadic. I thought I'd take advantage of the moment and update on several things.

I mentioned a while back about possibly going to China this summer on an internship. This trip has been in limbo over the past couple of months. We, as a team, have been praying about the right organization to go with and may have found one that will partner with us. We've also been praying about a team to take, a mix of native Chinese with some Americans. Currently I am not positve that this is the time and place that God wants me to go overseas. I am praying about it and would love your prayer in regard to this as well.

The picture posted is of my China team from my Cultures and Worldviews class. We are continuing to work with the same group of high school Chinese International students. This past month we've started discipleship groups with groups of 3-4 students. We also continue to meet twice a month for larger group fellowship and Chinese Church (the sermon is in Mandarin). Please pray for these students, for those who have not made a decision to follow Christ and those who are building a foundataion through Bible study on spiritual disciplines and growth.

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