Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fall Break!

Tuesday night blue grass music with Marie in NC...a cultural experience to say the least! I was offered to be adopted, offered to have an arranged marriage, told that I wasn't ugly and there was no reason I should NOT be married...the list goes on!

Deep south blue grass the way blue grass was meant to be...this was post potluck where I sampled a variety of INCREDIBLE southern home cooked food! As far as music goes, some groups were excellent, others...I had to try and dicypher the lyrics between 4 beats going on simultaneously with southern twang and slurred singing all mixed together.

My apologies for being so hit and miss with blog entries. I do have a couple of decent excuses, but I will just cut to the chase and let you see and read about the latest happenings in my life.

A couple weeks ago we had our "fall break" kind of like spring break but in the fall. I've never had one before in all my school and college days, but I have to admit, it was great. I needed the break, the time alone and way from campus. I decided to take a road trip for it and spending the first two days in Charlotte with my aunt, uncle and cousins. The next two I spent up in D.C. with a couple of my cousins. Beth lives on the Maryland side of the city and Allison lives on the Virginia side. The last two days I got to spend with my southern AK connection, Marie VanWingerden. Every part of the trip was a blessing! I loved having time at each place. Driving for hours aloud for some much needed solitude...singing my heart out as loud as I wanted, listening to books on CD and just being STILL (driving but mentally still).

Me and my cousins, Beth and Allison...out to eat after a low key day in D.C.

Lincoln Memorial

Washington Monument

Capital Building

"Gentlemen, start your engines" will never be the same to me now. Talk about LOUD!!!
This was taken during the two warm up "slow" laps...after that the pilot car exits stage right and it's just down right FAST! They go 160-190 mph...I do that sometimes too. :)

#48 Jimmy Johnson (not shown above, got the wrong pic in place but you get the idea) the racer I pulled for...a random pick out of the newspaper that morning. He did really well actually, the top 3 for most of the race then wiped out and ended up 16th overall. Oh well!

NASCAR line up

Alex's fan club...he's a senior this year, CRAZY!!

Brittany showing off her Appalachan State victory shirt!
(they beat Michigan State in football earlier this fall)


Marie VW said...

I had such a great time while you were here Anita! I haven't been back to Clyde's since you were here, I'm going again tomorrow. I'm sure there will be disappointed paternal types mourning your absence. Ha.

Love you!

Connie Marie said...

Anita, a big thank you for taking time to visit My Marie! I was happy knowing that you two were catching up in NC. May God bless you and all of your works.

NASCAR! Someday we all want to decend upon those places too. Right now we stand and watch for His return!