Sunday, March 25, 2007


This past Friday Martin Boozer, long time Iditorod runner and former champ came to my school to do an assembly on mushing. I met him before hand briefly and was asked to help with part of the "presentation." The admin. secretary and I had the awesome responsibility of bringing in one of his dogs and her 5 puppies half way through his talk. Talk about obedient and kind dogs! No surprise for a man who has made mushing his livelihood. He has anywhere from 70-90 dogs at a time. Right now he's got 87. He trains Alaskan Huskies b/c they are the "Nascar" version of racing dog. Siberian Huskies I learned, are more for show...beautiful but slow-er. This year was his 24th Iditorod! I don't remember how many times he's won, 4 or more but he's always a a top finisher.

We got to sneak a picture at the end before all the kids left the gym and swarmed us! Talk about melt your heart!! What a great way to end the week!

On another note, the highlight of the week/school year was Satuday night. I went to Anchorage with my family...parents and bro (rare occassion) to watch history in the making. Wasilla High girls AND boys won the state basketball championship!! First time in the history of WHS the boys have won and the girls last win was 25 years ago. Sarah Palin, our new Governor, was on the team the year they won, she was at Saturday night's game too to cheer them on. GO WARRIORS!!!

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mamaktbug said...

can't say i'm happy about wasilla beating colony...old rivalries die hard. but glad you had!