Thursday, March 01, 2007

ice escapade

I've been house sitting a place since October and have gone this entire job without any significant quirks...with the exception of a snowmachine running over the mail box splitting the post and smashing the box in half. The mail box was laid to rest and will have to be replaced when the owners come home. To my relief this has happened before, easy target for speeding snowmachines coming around the corner I guess. The perk for me has been no junk mail.

Anyway, this past Sunday I came upon a rather unusual growth on the side of the house. On the basement level back side of the house as I opened the blinds to let the sun in, I saw an unidentifiable growth sticking out from the wall. I went outside to get a better view and found that somehow the water spigot (hose hook up) had gotten turned on and froze about a foot in width onto and out from the house.

It looks rather specatcular actually, a mini water fall that a midget could ice climb on. The problem is the pipe is likely frozen and will flood the basement come spring. We're currently experience 20 below wind chill so there is no threat of thawing soon, however, I am turning off the well water pump in the morning when I leave for work as a precaution if/when it does thaw. The owners are due back middle of this month so hopefully it will stay frozen for now. They thought the pictures were pretty spectacular too, I'm glad they are easy going!

When life gives you frozen waterfalls...make snow cones! (or turn off your water pump!)


mamaktbug said...

only in alaska...

ella said...

Nothing like that here. We have some neat stuff going on here. I will right more later- going to durban this week with dad.