Sunday, February 04, 2007


Thursday night was our monthly BUNCO night again. The theme you ask..."Grease," not to be confused with GREECE. I was initially planning on dressing up like a Greek god, but changed my plan when another member the week prior reminded me it was the 50s flavor, John Travolta, sandals and olive leaves were out! We had a blast as usual. More socializing than game playing and the best was out at VanWingerdens. Marie always does a fantastic job decorating b/c she does a photo shoot after. Marie and Carrie are my pre-professional photographer friends. The shot you are admiring however is from my little digital. If I get some pics from Marie later I'll update to better shots. :) Next month is my turn to host and I'm a little at a loss for a good's that have crossed my mind, March maddness but basketball doesn't really fly with a huge group of girls, GREEN b/c of St. Patricks or ??? Any great ideas, post them as a comment, I am wide open to suggestions!

P.S. If you can't make it out, that is Marie applying gobs of hot pink lipstick! She's a die hard girly girl deep down!

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Marie VW said...

I would like to refute the girly girl comment... but what's the use? The evidence speaks for itself.