Sunday, February 04, 2007

Beauty and the Beast

Friday night my parents and I went to the VPA performance of "Beauty and the Beast." I've been to several VPA plays in the past, but this one was all the more exciting b/c I got to see my brother and sister-in-law perform together. Dave's done musical performance in the favorite was his senior year in "Camelot" where he wore tights and ballet shoes!! Yeehaw! He always razed me growing up doing all my ballet performances...tutu's, tights, tiaras, ringlets, but that was HIS time to shine! Anywhoo, I enjoy REMINDING him occassionally of those moments as he is now a police officer. I don't know that Aimy's done a musical performance before, but she sang all through high school and has an incredible voice!

So Dave and Aimy had two roles in the show, towns people and my personal favorite...dancing knives. How, you ask do knives dance?? Excellent question, very CAREFULLY!! During the enchanted object dance, if you've seen the Disney production, the entire kitchen comes alive, they tango together (not to be confused with tengo :)). I was VERY impressed! I'm attaching pictures to capture the moment as best I can seeing as there was no flash photography during the show. If you're in the valley and can get tickets GO!! It is definitely worth it! They have 18 shows left to perform! Awesome job you guys!! We LOVED it!

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