Sunday, December 10, 2006

pj bunko night

Thursday was our monthly bunko night again. The theme you ask?? Pajama night! I am all about being comfy! We met up at Bacons for the extravaganza...fellowship, dice rolling (mindless game), eating (of course), and gabbing. December we do a sock exchange. Can you guess which socks I happened to get?? But of course, John Deere! I won most bunkos too and got a purple knit hat and gloves to match! If you've been following the bunko posts last month two players were 9 mos. pregnant so we had two additions playing this time, Noah Kroon and Olivia Peppard. Total cutie pies!


bacon lady said...

I love the pic of you and Marie... So cute. And fabulous hat, by the way.

Kari Smith said...

Yeah for a fun new hat! you know how I love those! How I wish I could join in for those amazing evenings! Maybe I will have to get Bunko MN started!