Monday, May 01, 2006

Mexico training #1...

We had our first Mexico team meeting yesterday out at the Howell's (youth pastor's house). It was a packed day (3-9 p.m.) with lots of information, intro stuff and great fellowship! Our team consists of 6 Junior girls, 5 guys, myself, another girl leader/interpreter, and 3 guy leaders. The girls going are Mayerly, Natalie, Diana, Emily, Cathy and Elizabeth. The guys going are Alan, Nate, Shane, Cameron and Jeremy Burris.

There can be up to three ministry teams on this trip but b/c of the smaller group size we'll be focusing on two: children's ministry and sports ministry. I am excited that it is a smaller group b/c I think it will allow for more intimate bonding with the whole team.

Cody is in charge of the sports ministry team and Eddie will be helping out. Amber Shea will be the interpreter for that ministry. I am in charge of overseeing the children's ministry with my girls. Mayerly, one of my girls, will be our group's interpreter. Mayerly is from Columbia and speaks Spanish fluently. She actually volunteers at my school 2 days a week workingin the Spanish Immersion classes at Larson. Mayerly has been to Mexico a couple times prior as an interpreter and she is excited to be going this year with her own group. Kris, our youth pastor, will be overseeing the group as a whole.

I loved having yesterday with the team to get to know some of the students better and their desires/expecatations for going on a trip like this. There are a handful of guys AND girls that are interested in possibly seeking missions in some form in the future. I am EXCITED to see how God will use this trip to stir in their hearts and plant seeds for future ministry! He has gifted them all in unique and awesome ways!

We will be meeting 3 more times before we actually take off for Mexico. Hence the "training #1" title. :-) Stay tuned for more...

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Dave the Eller said...

Mexico is great. BE-Yoo-TEE-Fying your girls is great. Having a brother like yours is great. Snow in April - not so great. Nice Blogs, I shall see you later!

Your most wonderful Brother!