Sunday, May 21, 2006

Gold Nugget Triathlon

I competed today in my second GNT (Gold Nugget Triathlon) and had a blast! A couple of things made this race particularly fun this year. One...I got to train with a team. We dubbed ourselves team "Surf 'n' Turf." It consisted of myself, one close friend, Katie Conover, and three new friends, Wendy Bredburg, her sister Natalie and their sister in law Brandie. The second great part about today was the weather. It was INCREDIBLE!! Probably the nicest spring day we've had yet this year! Last year I recall rain, wind and chilliness!! This year was awesome! I don't know my ranking or times yet, they come out online tomorrow, but I felt great and had a blast...that's what matters most!

The GNT is one of the largest all women triathlons in the nation. Women of all ages, ablities, shapes and sizes compete...from age 10-80. There were 1100 women registed this year! The race consists of a 10 lap swim in a pool, 10 mile bike and 4.1 mile run. Swimming is my toughest and running is my best. Woohoo for running!! I enjoy all three, at least my interest in swimming is growing. I figure it may be the only thing I can do when I'm 80 so I better learn now! :-)

The picture is of me and Katie post race at her sister's house. She had a birthday BBQ with a bunch of people afterward. Happy birthday Conover! Thanks for introducing me to something so fun!!

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carrie said...

Hurrah! Good Job team... I am so glad that the day was awesome. Can't wait to hear more! And thanks for the encouraging words. You are a good friend! How do I deserve all of these wonderful people around me?