Thursday, April 27, 2006


Last week Friday and Saturday I had the opportunity to go to Seward with two of my closest friends, Carrie and Kari. My old college roommate from MN, Kari, came up for the Easter holiday and following week to visit and hang out. I was a little concerned about the timing with work, track and youth group being so busy right now, but the timing couldn't have been better. I ended up being sick most of the week, but a blessing in disguise b/c I took a couple sick days and was able to lay low and have that time to just talk and catch up with her. Friday the three of us drove down to Seward...through the rain, sleet and yes SNOW. We were pretty fogged in Friday, but Saturday was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Clear skies and SUNSHINE!! Thank you Jesus for sun! We toured around the area, walked on the marina, checked out the Sea Life Center and soaked in the scenery. A double blessing of a weekend b/c Carrie (current youth assistant at my church) is moving in June and Kari (my old roommate) got to see more of the beautiful state I live in. I am thankful for that time and memory with both of you!! Thanks for going!

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carrie said...

You are welcome... it was a total blessing for me as well. I loved getting to know Kari and having another adventure with you. Thanks for being my adventure friend and sharing Kari with me.