Friday, December 02, 2011

60 things we appreciate . . .

When my dad turned 60 a couple of years ago I wrote a list of 60 things I appreciate about him. This year for my mom's 60th we decided to do a combine list from all her kids (in-laws included) of the things we appreciate about mom. Some are doubled up because they are so epic and special. We appreciate you more than you know mom! Thanks for all you do and all you have done the past 36+ years we have known you!

30 Things We Appreciate About Mom
(Dave and Aimy)

1. EPIC Birthday Cakes
2. Time
3. Constant reassurance that no matter what I ever did you would always love me
4. Memory verses as a young child in Kentucky
5. Letting me pronounce the word “ex-tellent”
6. Birthday Cookies at age 3 – Thirty Six Hours?!
7. Importance of family (reunions)
8. Great Thanksgivings
9. Love for people
10. Always being my advocate and defender
11. Giving me money toward a down payment on my house
12. Being supportive of career changes
13. Homemade pizza
14. Greenbean casserole 
15. Time with Grammie
16. Wonderful Christmas days
17. Sugar Cookies
18. Reading Where the Red Fern Grows
19. Teaching me to always tell the truth
20. Teaching me generosity
21. Teaching me to tithe
22. You love children and are a wizard with them, it’s truly amazing
23. You are proud of me always
24. You love and are supportive of Aimy
25. Demonstrating the importance of prayer
26. Organization
27. You had Dave (have you seen the size of his head!)
28. You raised him to the man he is now
29. You fought thru breast cancer so you can be around for many many years
30. You love the grandpuppies even though you are allergic to them

30 Things We Appreciate About Mom
(Anita & Ben)

1. Elaborate birthday cakes!

2. Cooking together

3. Your faithful prayers

4. Girl movie nights!

5. Mary Kay and make-up

6. Giving me your time

7. Tea Parties

8. Shopping dates

9. Reading Little House on the Prairie Books

10. Ringlets and ballet recitals

11. Making me learn to play piano

12. Your gift giving to others and to us

13. Your organization it definitely rubbed off . . . on me at least!

14. Phone calls any time of day when we are miles apart

15. Anne of Green Gables & BBC parties

16. Visiting me in college to give a little perspective

17. Always encouraging and challenging me to do my best

18. Being an example of a godly wife & mother

19. Time

20. Teaching me to be a good hostess for company

21. I appreciate how welcoming you have been to me from the first time you met me

22. Welcoming us over to your house anytime we need a relaxing game night or warm conversation

23. Assuring us that we have a willing babysitter when the time comes

24. Giving me counsel and insight when I don’t understand woman issues

25. Saying yes to me when I asked to marry your daughter

26. Raising such a godly daughter

27. Always treating me like family

28. Organizing the best Burdine family reunion that I have been to,
also the only Burdine reunion I have been to

29. Helping make our wedding flow smoothly

30. Praying for me before we met

31. I appreciate all the tears of love you have shed for me (It started when I asked to marry Anita, it continued at the wedding and has continued since.)

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