Sunday, June 20, 2010

Burdine Family

Ed, Becky, Erick, Beth and Jennifer Hultgren (Becky is the oldest Burdine sibling)

Jim, Lynda, David and Aimy Eller, Ben and Anita Mosier (Lynda is the 2nd Burdine sibling)

Jim, Lynn, Allison, Katherine and Frederick Burdine (Jim is the 3rd Burdine sibling)

John, Tammi, Alex and Brittany Burdine (John is the youngest of the four siblings)

Burdine G-2 (four siblings)

Burdine G-3ers (generation 3) grandkids

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hashbrowns said...

Thanks for the update, sweet friend... I've been thinking about you all and hoping your time together is so good... how could it be anything but fantastic though, right?! It's your family! I want to be a burdine, too!