Wednesday, October 07, 2009

fall break

Kari and me on a walk in Duluth, I LOVE fresh air!!

the beginning of a beautiful midwest fall

the draw bridge in Duluth, MN

SCSU campus

the student center at SCSU

This week I have a week off of work b/c of fall break. The district I work for has a two month summer instead of three so during the school year we get a lot of extra time off one being a fall break. Ben has class and work this week so I took the opportunity and cheap flight deals to fly out to MN and see my college roommate Kari for the week.

It has been a great break from work and BIG city life. Funny how Minneapolis seems "small" in relation to LA, it's all a matter of perspective. We spent time in Duluth at a friend's lake house, AMAZING relaxing. We drove through our old stomping grounds at St. Cloud State on our way back down to the Twin Cities and we watched some EXCELLENT Major League baseball. The Twins just won the division title and are in the World Series starting today in NY. I grew up going to Twins games having lived in ND for 9 years and then went to several in college. This is the final season at the Metrodome. The team is moving to their new "home" at the Target dome next year.

It's been a fun walk down memory lane and a great week of R&R and girl time! I miss my man for sure and am looking forward to seeing him on Friday but it's been a fun break from the work scene.


Erica Priscella said...

I love Duluth. I went to school in the area. I loved it there. My family is still there. Hope married life is treating you well.

amanda said...

Fun, Badita!!!! Live up the girl time!!!! :) Thanks for your phone message too...

April said...

Anita - Duluth is the other end of the bridge from Superior! Dad is from Superior...when the kids & I went to take care of G'ma & G'pa in 2004, that's where we went. I spent lots of time at the doctors & hospitals in Duluth!...& the big mall :)!

(Love the pictures of Canal Park & the Lift Bridge)