Friday, September 26, 2008

family reunion!

my new look

I had dinner Wednesday night with two of my aunts and uncles...a Burdine reunion rendezvous in Columbia, SC! Ed and Becky flew out from CA to spend a week in GA and SC touring and taking sailing lessons...or rather a sailing "class" in Charleston, SC.

Becky explained at dinner how they have an exam at the end of their lessons and they earn a certificate. She is interested in merely SURVIVING the class with the remnants of tropical storm gale force winds on the East coast right now. :) John and Tammi drove down from Charlotte, NC and we ate dinner about 3 blocks from my apartment at "California Dreamin.'"

In honor of my future move out to the West coast Ed found a platnum wig for me so I won't feel out of place in LA. They gave me the run down of how to survive in southern CA. Jennifer and Beth, if you have any pointers for me I am open! :) I'm looking forward to being there and enjoying warm temps minus the incredible HUMIDITY here.


Beth said...

With that hair you could me mistaken as one of Hugh Heffner's girls! Way hot!

j said...

Tips for LA?

Stay away from the 405 unless you have a book you really want to finish.

Get out often to escape the smog. There are actually some great mountain and desert parks an easy journey east of LA.

Practice patience while in your car. Trust me, it can be a true test NOT to envision the firy demise of most LA drivers.

Don't go to TJ, there are much better places to go and see in Mexico.

Make friends with people who like to go down to the beach at night for a bonfire and play guitar and drums.

Move to San Diego :p