Monday, July 16, 2007

tour of Alaska

Last week I had the opportunity to do a little camping tour of AK and took advantage of the moment! The first two days I spent in Seward (back again) with Paula hiking and sea kayaking. I had free kayak passes from a friend so we soaked in the drizzly, but beautiful adventure.

After that Paula headed back to Anchorage to work and I drove around the corner (few hours around the corner) down to Clam Gulch to spend some time with the Doners commercial fishing and soaking up time with their family. I posted some pics showing a glimpse of the process of commercial fishing.

On the drive back I stopped along the highway to watch the bore tide come in. All in all it was the perfect trip. Rain, sun, hiking, kayaking, fishing, time with friends, time alone driving, time soaking in the beauty of Alaska. If I could pick anywhere in the U.S. to live, it would be right here.

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