Sunday, April 15, 2007

Captain Cook

So Sarah and I tried to be somewhat incognito as we walked around the perimeter of the dance floor. Some of our guy students were not overly excited to see their youth leaders at prom. We told them their parents were paying us big money to supervise and take notes. They didn't think we were so funny. Ha! We DID however get shots of all our youth kids there that night and they look AWESOME!! We're tempted now to do this for Wasilla's prom at the end of the month. Being school district employees pays off! Their prom was at the Captain Cook, a hotel in down town Anchorage. I recall having both my proms in our school gym. Interesting thing this year, Wasilla's is in the gym again but costs more than Colony's at the Captain Cook. Hmmmm, go figure! It was fun just to see the variety of dresses there. Seems to be the going fashion right now is sleek, form fitting, low/open backs. There were a few princess, big foof dresses, but the 80s hasn't made a full come back yet!

In all the CHS students there were, Dave Crozier, Nate VanNorwick, Jeremy Burris, Xiavier, Emily, Johanna, Erin, Elizabeth, Natalie, Stacey, Miranda and Hannah.
Picture explanation, the couple is Natalie and her boyfriend Xavier. To the right is Elizabeth and the group shot from left to right is me, Emily, Erin, Johanna, Miranda, Hannah, Stacey and Elizabeth.


Anonymous said...

They are beautiful! Thanks for posting these, Anita. I cracked up reading how you & Sarah tormented the youth boys at the prom!

Sarah B.

Anonymous said...

YEA!!! I was hoping to see some pics of them! Thanks, Anita! Wish I could have been there with ya!