Saturday, January 06, 2007

Hummer Time!

Last night we had a senior youth girl sleepover at my place. It was a smaller group b/c of holiday plans, activities, sports but we had a blast. Food was plentiful and constant, socks were exchanged (new ones) in a Chinese auction, games were played and chick flicks ran into the wee morning hours. I introduced them to "Bohnanza" an addictive card game my old college roommate sent me a couple Christmases ago, thanks Kari! Ella, we played it this summer when I was down. It's comparative in some ways to slow motion version of "Pit." By 2 a.m. it was getting hysterical! Inhibitions are significantly decreasing by that time and manifest themselves very differently in different girls. Mayerly for instance reminded me of Dori from "Finding Nemo," not a clue what was going on when her turn came around, Elizabeth Golter on the other hand was in prime lawyer negotiation mode and a bit on the aggressive side, myself...totally calm and rational! HA, right!!

A funny ending, May and Natalie left to go home (just a mile down the road) and ended up high centered in the ditch and stuck for a good while waiting for assistance. Natalie's dad came to the rescue but to no avail, May's blazer was STUCK! But lo, just as all seemed lost, a neighbor drove by in his hummer. The true test of a hummer's stellar ability was put to the test and yes he succeeded in getting her out...after a couple tries. Impressive to see a Hummer actually put to the test. As they worked at getting the vehicle unstuck, I stood by ready with my camera to get some good shots for our senior slide show coming up this spring. Thanks for being a good sport Mayerly!

I'll add more pics later when my computer can process faster!

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Kari Smith said...

3 cheers for the bean game! I'm so proud of you Anita for introducing this amazing game to all your friends up north! They are now more whole people because of their experience! ;)